With your help, 2010 will be different

11 de enero de 2010

The growing awareness pays off; as are millions of us actively looking for a better world. And as we know that the sum of all the little details will change the world, we’ve created a simple list of purposes for 2010.

Energy efficient lights. Right now! Ten times more duration and between 50% and 80% energy savings. There is still any conventional light bulb at home? You’re losing a lot of money and valuable energy.
Take advantage of technology. There are efficient appliances that provide significant savings. Why not low-power computers? The writer of these words is proud to use an inexpensive computer that consumes less than a light bulb.
Take advantage of technology … but not too much. Do we need to change every six months mobile phone? New technologies do not always make life easier. Millions of people die in both the coltan mines and in the wars associated with the extraction of this rare mineral. If your phone works, it’s not a brick and you don’t need more … Why do you buy another one?
If you do not use, disconnect! A mobile phone charger plugged ALWAYS uses energy. A TV Stand by consumes power even when not apparent. Switch off is a big change.
If you don’t really need the plane, don’t use it, Rockefeller. We keep insisting: Domestic flights are the main allies of CO2.
Look for fair trade and organic. Buy-whenever possible-with consciousness. Gaia and its people will thank you. We want you in our green ranks. We offset the CO2 and use organic cotton, but not only have we believed in a better world. Search the market!
And most important: Think! Do not settle, don’t believe everything they say. Compare numbers and data. Read from “Ecological intelligence” to “The Lies of Climate Change”. Give yourself the gift of indulgence to rectify without fear. The amount of different and unexpected situations will give coherent answers. Take the initiative and responsibility, no politician or NGO decide on your daily actions.

And above all, be happy! The wonder of ecology is that life, despite everything, always comes out.

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