2010 International Year of Biodiversity: dogs vs. dogs

26 de enero de 2010

Are you unemployed, without a couple, suffering from bunions? Are your debts besetting you? Are you hungry on the street? We have the solution: we will sacrifice you and… Hardship out!
We do not need sad people who, when is not seeking for an employment, stay in a park feeding the pigeons. Relocating is delicate. Too much paperwork, too many mouths for few plates of food … But do not despair, you will rest (in peace) and we too.


Indeed, the above was irony. We have not gone mad, but actively working on it for the good of society. This introduction emerged of an “animal protection framework” that will bring us closer to Europe and improve the luck of all animals. The announcement brings some hope for the International Year of Biodiversity with the utmost respect for all species, including our faithful companions. Respect is important, after all. And there are a lot of people more unpleasant and less profitable than a dog that is not released left in the middle of nowhere.

Remember that when a dog is abandoned, it’s most likely fate is death. Why? Less costs, less paperwork … and less suffering, they say. Dogs are not as clever as humans. They don’t reason, don’t understand what they did wrong to be in the street and that leads us to destroy them for their own good … The human logic is often more complicated than the dog’s logic. So, if someone that doesn’t bark is able to solve this insane puzzle, please do it.

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