Gift voucher, is worth it!

24 de diciembre de 2009

ValRegal_ENGWe would be a few hypocrites if we were not admitting that this global crisis is caused by consumerism. The longing to have has knocked down empires, has showed us to always ask for more, at any cost, even when we don’t know what is more. A bigger car, a softest skin, less wrinkles, bigger breast, less buttocks… If you only value what measures a piece of meat, you are simply a butcher.

Dear friend, no object replaces an embrace, no economic ostentation conceals individual lacks. Remember the happiest moments of your life; what was there? Kisses, landscapes, friends … To fight against the passage of time with a credit card as sword is to fight against an impregnable dragoon, against your own life.

But, what am I going to tell you? Also we would be hypocrites if we don’t admit that in punctual moments of our life, we need this consumer part. It is one’s recovers for the eventual sadness. Doing the shared process of purchase, you can touch hearts. Excuse me for this candy moment, it must be because of the dates … Make presents with love! Tell someone that’s so important for you. Make presents with heart and with conscience.

We – only if you want! – are an option. We make it very easy for you and now, with our 25 % of discount for Cooliflower fans, much more attainable. In the Cooliflower shop, when you are going to buy any of our products and we ask you for your user information, select the option: “Gift Voucher”. Once finished the process of purchase, the person that you have elected will receive in his e-mail your personalized letter of congratulation and the notice of the sending of your gift. It is nice to send happiness.

And finally, Cooliflower fans, Merry Christmas!

More info:

Looking for the perfect gift?
1. Decide on the product you want to offer.
2. Make your purchase as usual.
3. When you ask your user data, select the “Send Gift Voucher”
4. Once the purchase process, the person you’ve chosen will instantly receive in your email your personalized greeting and send notice of your gift.

**** Cooliflower, the only present doubly ecological ****
All our products help offset a portion of your CO2 emissions and on the other, are made with certified organic cotton, according to a traditional and sustainable production.

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