Haïti, mon pays …

19 de enero de 2010

If we could go back, straighten the course, banish those who sow skeletons, resurrect the dead ones, construct solid walls between people and dictatorial politicians, ask Mother Earth to a truce… We can’t. There are no words to eliminate pain. Haiti is dying, crying new tears on dry tears. It never rains but it pours.

Let’s observe a minute of silence.

And now, abandon the condolences in the booth of useless things and let’s do something to help. Silence will not rebuild lives.

Bandera haiti

Haïti, mon pays, wounded mother I’ll never see…

A way to help:
Wyclef Jean (Black Eyed Peas). Through his foundation Yele, Haitian-born singer earmarked $ 5 to benefit the island by sending a text message to number 501501

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