It’s evolution, baby!*

11 de enero de 2010

Denmark, evolved society paradigm, is the country with the best wages, the happiest people, less corrupt politicians… This perfectly balanced society sent to prison Nora Christiansen, Christian Schmutz, Joris Thijssen and director of Greenpeace Spain, Lopez de Uralde, for displaying the banner: Politicians talk, leaders act. Fortunately they have been released but pending trial.

GreenpeaceSome might say this was not a peaceful act but a breach of safety standards to destabilize an international meeting. What’s more, they will add that they threatened global security. What would have happened if Obama had caught influenza A because of him? What if they had blown up the more expensive hair implant of an agent? How rare are these guys of Greenpeace!

Semi-seriously, to imprison peaceful activists has been shameful when war criminals are free to attend charity events. But is the fear of fear, terror of the unexpected (dear friends, if not unexpected life is no life!) what sells, coerces and distorts our vital prism.

Acts such as the “happily-ridiculous wannabe terrorist” who managed to undermine their own briefs brings us back to the Orwellian universe, rendered to a relentless struggle against nonexistent enemies. Beware of people from Greenpeace!
Peaceful actions by and for a better world, if not always legal, may be lawful. Cooliflower rejoices in the release of the activists but mostly by the momentum that the news has given the bland Copenhagen agreement disagreement. It is heartening to know that Greenpeace has raised by 20% the number of new partners, but Cooliflower prefer awareness to avoid the need for martyrs. After thousands of years of learning, we should proceed without them.
* Do the Evolution, Pearl Jam

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