Breathing is bad for health *

11 de noviembre de 2009

We are born. Liberated of the umbilical cord, the first dose of oxygen inhaled in our lives. Newcomers and now form part of the chain of CO2.

When we watch television, we sharpen a pencil, laugh or make love; we continue to emit carbon dioxide, more than 1000 grams per day, equivalent to a walk the super car. We affect the planet as we breathe. Without any anti-environmental gesture, limiting ourselves just to live, we issued 4 times more CO2 today than one hundred years ago. But we are not radicals; our planet had already planned everything, including the possibility that, once dead, our bodies decompose releasing methane. For my part, I will try not to die rather than not contribute anything to the hole in the ozone layer … But let’s not be alarmist, stop breathing is discouraged by 9 out of ten doctors (the tenth doctor is a fugitive from justice).

The real problem, dear reader, is all these gases and the lack of vegetation not foreseen in the agenda of Gaia, altering the balance of the ecosystem. This is when there is the wonderful duality of man. We are as capable of annihilating the innocent dodo as to stake his life to save a whale. We make mistakes every day, but we can fix them with tenacity and intelligence.

We are, in large measure, responsible for climate change, but if you want, bending elbows and learning this hard lesson, we shall adopt the vital state exam, which will leave a decent planet to our children.

Cooliflower and helps reforesting forests, offsetting CO2. We are a green fashion, what about you?

* Note to picky and lawyers: Obviously, not breathing is bad for health.

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