Ads vs. Procrastination

10 de noviembre de 2009

The Twilight Earth website offers the top 10 ad against climate change. Since the claim directly against the oil company Shell to the amusing irony of “SurvivaBall” a kind of giant ball that serves as protection against disaster. Also present are irreconcilable personalities together against climate change. Weird, weird, seeing the Christian conservative Pat Robertson sitting on the sofa that the African-American activist Al Sharpton. Can you imagine a Carod Rovira Aznar and doing an ad together? Well this is even more shocking. I would love to see making off on the pool of mud.

Sensational video “It will not Affect Me” because it represents the majority position with the intractable problems: Letting time pass and see what happens, what they call modern procrastinate now, that was imported from the English term used to say “postpone the inevitable” and not know how the hell is combined in Castilian without looking like you have come with whiskey. I’ll take the phrase “Made in Toledo Mom says” Oh son, pal leave it to end. ” That’s life, before we were vague and now we are procrastinators, something like an evil intergalactic race.

Below, two major announcements of WWF Canada. We can combine both message and we have another phrase that compact: Ignoring climate change will not disappear, the world has changed, so can you. Let’s make each day worthwhile. And be not procrastinate.


WWF Canada “Save Our Climate” Tv Commercial

WWF Canada “Society” Tv Commercial

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