The end of a year of pirates

7 de enero de 2010

“Only 11 countries are responsible for 95% of trawling in depth, and Spain is the main country that performs this type of fishing.”
Sebastián Losada, head of Greenpeace’s oceans campaign.

Scampi_prawnsSeeing our experienced fishermen in international waters to combat the elements (accepting elements as pirates) their situation moves us. It’s a hard work, dangerous and poorly paid. And when we feel sorry for people, we run the risk of being partisan, not knowing if their work is beneficial to humanity. Because not all types of fishing are positive, because in Spain, queen of drag, there are pirates from another kind. Before changing this year, I left four reflections for the last Christmas Gourmet tour:
Fresh products out of season does not come from nowhere. The balance of ecosystems is based on respecting the cycles of nature.
• Food chains are essential for the survival of all species. If the shrimp is overfished it eliminates dozens of marine species, if the tuna is extinct our costs will be filled with jellyfish (one of the main food of tuna).
The sustainable fishing international seal is hardly used in Spain. To be able to buy with a conscience we must push governments and shops.
• Look at your table this year. The luxury does not exist, is a story to feed the ego. The luxury is unique and difficult to achieve happiness with consciousness as smooth as possible.

Cooliflower fans, if you’ve reached the end of this post, you deserve a prize. A great song belongs to the beautiful film “Where the Wild Things Are” to end the year. We hope this 2010 will be infinitely better than 2009. All is love, a big hug.

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