A toast to the corkage

11 de enero de 2010

Half of the oaks around the world are in the Iberian Peninsula.

We should thank these sturdy trees. A multitude of animal and plant species are associated with them, generating stable and rich ecosystems. Oaks are representative of nature, friends that never fail and forgive our faults, always strong against fire, wind or incompetence. Its thick bark saves them from fire and it’s altruistically transferred for industrial use. This majestic giant is deeply rooted in our history. Spain and Portugal make up half of the cork forests worldwide and over 80% of the world’s cork production.
The indiscriminate felling, fire and property speculation diminish our forests. But when environmental policies do not take care of the environment industry can do, though sometimes it’s responsible for the deforestation.
Cork is sadly being replaced by non-sustainable materials. It is becoming increasingly common to find bottles of wine with plastic stoppers. We must convince employers and institutions that the forest area, as well as ornamental, is profitable. Our message is clear: nature, except rare exceptions, is generally impossible to improve. The cork should continue to be our great ally, either in the form of stopper or as a natural insulator.
Cooliflower fans, toast with knowledge. Use cork and save forests.

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