Road to Copenhagen (IV and last).

24 de diciembre de 2009

We had light suspicions, but there is no doubt: it is not the climate. It is not the man. It is not the lack of commitment. It is the bad use of the grammar what is finishing with the world.


We have to fight against psychopathic sentences that avoid the morality. They serve to damage in an elegant way or to iron wrinkles. We talk about what’s politically correct, about the hypocrisy turned into word, a Champagne of two hundred Euros per bottle reserved only for high spheres. Do not forget it, never do a “preventive assault that provokes collateral damages”. The evilness, protected by grammar, must be done to planetary scale. To damage a man rapidly is a crime, to murder thousands and thousands slowly is named politics.

Copenhagen has been a Roman circus where our favorite euphemisms have been overcome by a surprising victor; a small sentence will go on to the history in a shameful way: “not binding agreement“. We needed much more than another Kyoto protocol and we have something worse: a not binding agreement to check in a year. So, we can sign a thing and do another. Nothing represents better all our epoch.

What do we still have now? Bukowski was saying “they give us nice pats in the back and say that our poison is politics”. And the poet, with his sincerity afloat – a stopper of cork about alcohol – was telling the truth. Recently a friend was commenting: “always I have myself, my own best friend and adviser”. And this is what we still have, that is not small. Look us in a mirror and feel proud of the reflection, of what it represents. Let’s leave the bureaucrats to consume its soul among papers. Give example to others doing of our life a binding agreement, which joined us with the Earth when we were born.

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