14 de diciembre de 2009

For lack of two weeks for the summit of Copenhagen the Denying Current amuses itself. A few “compromising” e-mails appeared strategically to partly deny the existence of the climatic change.

espejo rotoIn ecological terms what does it mean to be part of the Denying Current? We will try to unravel the complex psyche of this urban species: The Denying Current deforms reality according to consumer, finds reliable sources in strange media and the information is not always easy to decipher. Besides adoring salmon pages of newspapers, sees the future in George Washington’s printed face and rules by the fluctuating morality of the values of the Nasdaq. Also trusts in anonymous hackers “demonstrating” the climatic change is not that bad. This kind of skeptic to convenience affirms the thaw in the poles, after fifteen million years, is as fortuitous as productive.

The Denying Current is a conjurer of the reality, a magician of space and time that laughs at palpable facts. They do not hide; they write newspapers, they live to your side, they take a coffee and probably even are considered good persons living in their own and unremovable parallel universe. They are the major allies of COUNTRIES who choose the blindness to make the economy grow, though obviating a detail: Without humanity there is no economy.

Living in a world where 2+2=5 the fact that the greenhouse gases have reached its major concentration in 250 years already does not have importance.

(…) and the mirror had such excess of laugh that fell of her hands to the Earth, where it get broken in hundred millions, in trillions of fragments and more. And then it caused more disorders than before. Some of the pieces, of the size of a grain of sand, gave the round-the-world trip, stopping in places where people have been seened, where they reflected in a completely deformed way only the irregular part of a thing.

The Snow Queen, Hans Christian Andersen.

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