18 de diciembre de 2009

We have arrived to Hopenhagen, at least virtually. Den lille havfrue, the mermaid, receives us and confesses to us her doubts between adopting human form or returning with sea-nymphs and newts. If she returns with her family she will find uncontrolled spillages and fishing. If she decides to remain in the shore, she will have to contract a good insurance that covers the effects of ozone’s hole and damages for explosives; already it took place some time ago -. Bad times to be a siren.

HopenhagueAnd not much better to be a citizen. The summit against the climatic change has been manipulated skillfully by the most pollutant productive countries, preparing the area to spit insufficient measures. The neoliberal doctrine says we all are free to prosper – and to starve or to live in a box – knows the market. With the skill of Asian shopkeepers, the previous negotiation has been a bargaining: anything signed will seem to us to be even good. Obama smiles as a prisoner in the showers saying “oops!” throwing the tablet of soap. “Yes, we can!” You already will be able…

But there are motives for the optimism. Internet, the diabolical network, has obtained mobilizations without precedents. Million signatures, thousands of events, protests … Ironies of life, what partly was a military experiment is the element that gives us freedom. Across the net, more than ten thousand activists of ONG’s will meet in Copenhagen.

Let’s cross the fingers. We all take refuge in Greenpeace’s motto “Our climate, our future, your decision” but we should add something more: Our votes. Sibylline politicians and hucksters millionaires: cover our expectations. Without us you are nothing. Brave people, let’s feed the hope!

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