12 de noviembre de 2009

As a fish that bites the fishhook. The gills expand looking for water and the fisherman observes his prey. With glistening scales stained with sand, is returned to water. His short memory quickly drags him again to feel the sting of the steel and choke on the shore.

Copenhague CO2

The hooks for humans are different: Words, words, words … words to forget, to lull our short memory. Promising is free, this way they gain hearts, elections or a Nobel Prize. Maybe because of our education, or perhaps associated with an endemic evil of the 21st century, where the problems are ignored by dint of zapping and we drown in a sea of rhetoric.

Manifestations, banners… the society do not want to live with dialectic ghosts. “While you decide, our people die” said the African representatives in Barcelona, and used the only right left to them to exercise, that of anger. Being fed up has turned into rebellion because Africa, the continent drawn by children with square and triangle, has often bitten the bait. Tend to fall on the sandy shore again and again and say they don’t want to attend another climatic funeral without signing a death certificate properly. They don’t forget that if the failure is endorsed, the ten percent of the world will decide who is going to die and how.

Meanwhile, here there is in use the most powerful and hypocritical fodder, the economic one: Spain buys 25 million Euros in rights of emission to Poland. Money? Ego te absolvo.

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